• A proof of concept miniaturized optical imaging system *; Gallagher Australia Pty Ltd
    • High performance energy storage alternative to lithium ion batteries *; CRC Projects


    • Collaborative Research Agreement between Swinburne and Eden BDM Limited *; Eden BDM Limited
    • Customer behavioural modelling and decision science applicationsAMSI Intern Program - Student Shuo Li *; Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute Intern Program
    • Development of Graphene/Graphene-oxide based super -capacitors *; Graphene Solutions Pty Ltd (GSPL)
    • Graphene Supply Chain Certification *; Australian Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd (Trading as Austeng)


    • Graphene ultralight-weight diffractive lenses for aerospace applications *; Defence Science Technology Group - Research Contract
    • Investigating noval glass technologies and photovoltaics in protected cropping *; Horticulture Innovation Australia
    • Topology Optimisation for Three-dimensional Periodic Nanophotonic Structures *; ARC Project Funds shared with RMIT


    • Graphene ultralight-wright diffractive lenses for aerospace applications *; Defence Science Institute Collaborative Research Grants
    • High-performance smart solar powered on-chip capacitive energy storage *; ARC Discovery Projects Scheme


    • Investigation into a graphene ultra-flat lens array for silicon solar cells breaking the Shockley-Queisser efficiency limit *; ARC Discovery Projects Scheme
    • Visiting Researcher Scheme 2014 - Assoc Prof Minghui Hong *; Visiting Researcher Scheme


    • Refractive index manipulation in photonic bandgap materials for highly efficient far-field three-dimensional nonlinear nanofocusing *; ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA)


    • Three-dimensional super-resolution nano-photonic fabrication facility *; ARC Linkage Infrastructure and Equipment Scheme


    • Direct laser writing in quantum dot nanocomposites: from 3D active photonic crystals to 3D active metamaterials *; Australian Academy of Science Scientific Visits Program